A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Our world is torn apart by a strange cataclysm and the whole planet becomes a huge desert. The terrible villain who stands behind this tries to create an army in order to take over the world. The most dangerous killers on Earth split in two groups. One group fights for evil and the other tries to defeat them. You must stop the bad guys before it's too late!


  • huge arsenal – more than 80 deadly weapons
  • multiple playable characters
  • powerful items
  • drive awesome vehicles and destroy crowds of enemies
  • intense boss fights


We're working on Desert Kill for beta. Stay tuned!



DesertKill_v.0.11_Windows.zip 83 MB
DesertKill_v.0.11_Mac.zip 99 MB

Development log


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ya me too

Okay this game was actually really fun, I'm looking forward to the when the game gets finished :D

This is one of RatBag's favorite games EVER. RatBag is not lying. And RatBag can see this game as a potential modding source. Just think: Star Wars mods, WW2 mods, some other mods that involve RatBag fighting off the whole army of Mordor and becoming the Supreme Overlord of Middle Earth... dang it, RatBag has rambled again. Anyways, RatBag thinks the game could become very popular if it could be modded. RatBag understands if you don't want the game to be a mod source with Unity, and that's okay, but RatBag is just saying... mods are fun!

the game either doesnt start or crashes on the loading screen. help!

Hey, are you on Windows? What kind of system do you have, x64 or x32?

this is a late response, but its resloved now.

i cant open the game

What's the error? Or how does it look?

This is an amazing game! I got the minigun on my first base, then the tommy gun, the axe, and the RPG. I would pay money for this game! Definitley downlod this game!

Hi! Just updated to version 0.09 . Please, play and let me know what you think about the game! Thank you!

No problem! Would gladly do it!

I enjoyed the game.I think you should add 'how many enemys are left in this zone'.

drop weapons with less ammo so you can use diffrent weapons or to buy "paradrop" ammo or solgers to fight with you.remove enemys withaut guns it looks stupid.

Add bosses, add tanks ,add planes, add heliopters ,add armored siut enemys!!!

Pls the p90 has 50 ammo a clip not 20.

good luck!


Awesome video! BTW just updated to version 0.09

Thanks!  Looks like I'll need to return to Desert Kill :)



Thx, great video! Just updated to version 0.09 . Please, play and let me know what you think about the game! Thank you!

theres a minigun?!?! WHAT?!

trop Bien !!!

i keep on getting stuck on stuff and having to restart

We've fixed that stuff, please download an updated version!

Hi, how can I get in touch with the developers? I'm writing an article about indie games in development and would like to include Desert Kill

Hey, just hit glebm@io-games.com

I like this game ! The mix between Minecraft and COD it's fun !

We discover full of weapons that diversifies the game.

Le jeu a son niveau de difficulté c'est un bon point.

I thought this was a cool game! I'm disappointed the cover shows the mercenary on top of the hummer gunning people down. Never get to experience that but, I'm sure since this is in alpha that might be included later. I do hope so! I enjoy the variety of different weapons that you can use in this game. I think it would be nice under the frame to have the text of what the weapon is for the less experienced people who don't know what the different weapons are.  Keep up the good stuff!

I realy like in this game you can get  not realy wepons like flare gun and showel 

and thanks devs about this game

download it and hack it by cheat engine just for fun

^^ love this game

hello friend if you want I can help you with the spanish version of the game

Awww! I watched Blitz play this and it looks AWESOME! But its only out on windows! I use mac, please release it on mac! I really wanna play this! it looks DOPE!

Hey there, Desert Kill is now awailable for Mac, please download an updated version!

my review and some suggestions https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT6ye2ky0a29cSkxtE6K8-w?view_as=subscriber


I was just wondering: do alpha testers get the full game for free?


proably not

Hi, love the game so far. Will the final version be paid?


Hello there! Yep, the final version will definitely be paid

This game is GREAT so far!  Really excited to keep up with it :)

awsome game i think u should add muti player option and more maps other then that great graphics look great and i might go and stream this on yt

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waiting for updates :D

personal suggestion-make an seed based system so it can be infinite

something the game really needs-customizable keys and dont equip new weapons automaticaly,its so annoying OMG!i have plenty of bullets for the MP5 and here i am,using a butching knife -_-

one more thing,i cant see the journal,Tab doest work even if i put keyboard in english :(

(sorry for my bad english).

Thanks! In final version automatic weapon equipment will be totally optional, no problem with that. There's no journal in alpha, so don't you worry about tab not working. But I'm not sure what do you mean by customizable keys. If you are talking about different playable characters, then you are right, we will defenitely add them in final version. Cheers!

by customizable keys i mean that you can change wich key do any action,for example instead of tab to use G key or whatever key you want.sorry for my bad english.

Waiting for updates :D

Oh, sure! Input will be totally customizable, no problem.


please fix the boss t does insaine damage and an rpg didnt do shit 


Yeah, an RPG probably needs more damage, but you can beat the boss with almost any weapon, just learn his moves


I really liked the look and style of the game. I thought it was well produced and had a quick play but I am gonna play some moreeeeeee.

Thanks DEVS


All around a good game to satate my lust for video game slaughter but do fix aiming in general and add controller support. but still exemplery

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This game is very good, I love it.

Gameplay  (PT/Brazil).

Esse jogo é muito bom, eu amei ele.

Gameplay  (PT/Brasil).



this game is so good put it is so offensive 

so... can you plz help

and thx <3

Hey, I'm not sure how I can help you, sorry